Personal Training is what Mint Condition is about. In fact, that is how we started. One-to-one with every client returning great results for those hard to reach goals. A personal trainer is invaluable if you are serious about reaching a health or fitness goal in a safe and effective manner. Our facility is based in a beautiful converted barn in Binsted, close to Alton and Farnham and the Surrey and Hampshire borders.


Whatever your goal we can help. From weight loss, general fitness, injury/ illness rehabilitation or sports fitness. Our fitness trainers have a combined experience of 80 years, astounding maybe, however it does ensure you will get the very best and latest information and training.

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Personal Training - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start ?

We start every client with a consultation and thorough fitness assessment to designed a programme based on your goals.. This normally takes around one hour and sets the benchmark for our programme of fitness for you. The fitness assessment includes: blood pressure, resting and exercise heart rates, lung efficiency test, body fat percentage, flexibility. We also use a number of movement screens to evaluate your movement patterns and for the sporty ones we do V02 tests, power output tests and testing specific to your sport.

What equipment will I use ?

Our facility is equipped with a range of Matrix treadmills, bikes, rowers, cross-trainers as well as cable strength equipment, free weights, medicine balls, body bars, swiss balls and more. However your programme may initially require very little equipment, just our expertise. As you progress we will introduce more equipment to develop your programme as your fitness improves.

Can you help me with a weight loss ?

We offer bespoke weight loss programmes with a sensible approach to a long term solution. We offer practical diet advice and work on specific fitness programmes to boost your energy and metabolism to maximise the results. we have seen dramatic weight-loss results from hundreds of clients over many years.

I have a 'bad back' that I regularly see a chiropractor for, can you still help me ?

We have many clients that have a history of back, shoulder, neck, hip, foot injury. Before we embark on a fitness programme we would discuss this with you to get a thorough understanding of your problem. For this we start with a consultation with one of our professional trainers, if we are happy, we would proceed to a fitness assessment to look at range of movement, joint stability and strength. If we have any concerns we would refer you back to your specialist or we can refer you to our local physiotherapy partners. For most people, starting an exercise programme is the best thing you can do for your long term health and fitness.

I am a sports person and want to optimise my results this year, how can you help me ?

We currently train Olympian's, Paralympian's, elite marathon runners, road-race cyclists, rugby players, footballers, endurance windsurfers, water skiers, cricketers, hockey players, and golfers. We offer a science based exercise programmes for all sports. Our fitness trainer team includes strength and conditioning coaches that can assist you in optimising your off-season and in-season training. We start with detailed planning of your training year, helping you set realistic performance goals, setting a gym based strength programme, periodisation of your endurance programme and regular testing to monitor your progress. Our comprehensive planning process means that we can help you get the results you have been looking for.

Can I use the gym without a trainer ?

Yes. All of our membership packages include use of our facility at anytime. All we ask is that you sign up for our minimum package of one personal training session per month. You then get the benefit of use of the gym alongside your personalised programme for perfect results. Get in touch today

This all sounds great, how much does it cost ?

For our one-to-one personal training our charges start from £40-£70 per session, this is for a Level 3/4 qualified prossional trainer working with you, just you. We also offer packages for monthly payment, or pay for a 'block' of sessions to use as and when. All of our pay monthly packages include use of our gym anytime. Our memberships are month by month so you will have no long term contract to worry about. Did you know? We have members that have been with us for 20 years and others that use us for an intensive month to kick-start a programme.